The Story

Sr Luigi Cimiotta was born on March 21st of 1939 in Formia north of Napoli in Italy and in January of 1965 Luigi immigrated to Brazil and settled in Gramado, a city in Rio Grande do Sul, joining his dear friend Sr Nicola Manzi, who had moved to Brazil from Napoli a year earlier.

Luigi and Nicola worked as handy men; they tried many jobs but never settled down in one. After Nicola and Luigi had moved to the city of Caxias do Sul in 1971, one evening while Luigi and some of his Brazilian friends were enjoying a meal at the local churrascaria (“rodizio de carne”), the idea of serving endless amount of meat, but this time it will be for serving Italian pizzas and pastas came to him.

On the 7th of January 1972 he opened a restaurant of “rodizio de pizza” called Mangiare, and thus, a phenomena was born. These days you can find this type of eateries scattered almost in all parts of Brazil.

Rodizio Rico was the pioneer in bringing the first churrascaria de carne to the UK (1997) and we are proud to bring the first Rodizio de pizza to the UK here at the Cube in Birmingham.